Types of carriers - Ring Slings

A ring sling is a piece of fabric with rings on one end. You thread the fabric through them and get a simple adjustable one-shouldered carrier that you can use from newborn to toddler. Ring slings are made of cotton and cotton blends, silk and other fibres. Depending on the material and on the width some ring slings are more suitable for toddlers than others so check manufacturer's instructions for the maximum weight recommendation. Normally ring slings come in different lenghts - choose according to your clothes size. For maximum adjustability choose one with an open tail, i.e. the fabric which hangs down from the rings isn't sewn together. There are also different shoulder styles, e.g. padded or unpadded, pleated or gathered. Some people find one more comfortable than another so it's best to try before you buy.



With a ring sling you can carry your baby in the front, on the hip or on the back and you can easily breastfeed in it. Because ring slings are adjustable they are suitable for carrying a newborn in an upright position which is especially useful if your baby is suffering from reflux. It's also easy to put down a sleeping baby with a ring sling. They are quick and easy to use and require only a bit of practice. However they are not recommended as only sling for people with back problems as the weight is only on one shoulder. Even when used correctly the weight distribution is asymmetrical which may lead to back pain.
in a ring sling

Brand names are e.g.: Mayawrap, Zolowear ring sling, Hoppediz, Didymos, Storchenwiege, Dolcino, Huggababy, BB-Sling, Mamaway, Sakura Bloom, P-Sling and many more

Note: The brand names are listed in no particular order and the list is by far not complete. Their purpose is to give you an idea what there is on the market.

Note: It's quite easy to make a ring sling yourself if you have a sewing machine. Check Jan Andrea's website for more information.



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