Why see a babywearing consultant?

There are so many different baby carriers on the market that choosing one can be quite confusing.

A babywearing consultant can help you to find the optimum way to carry your baby. A good consultant has knowledge about baby's anatomy and about different baby carriers and different ways to use them. She also owns different baby carriers and a weighted demo doll so you can try things out even while you're pregnant.

A babywearing consultant ...

 ... will show you different carriers and you will be able to try them.
 ... will find the baby carrier which suits your individual situation best.
 ... will practice with you how to use your sling with your baby (or with a demo doll if necessary).
 ... will teach you what's important in a good baby carrier, based on baby's anatomy.
 ... will explain how and why both parents and babies benefit from babywearing.

Important: I do not offer consultations at the moment.

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