About me

I'm a mother of two children (three next spring). When my daughter was born we were still living in Berlin, in a part of the city where many parents use wraps or other carriers to carry their babies. I quite liked the look of the wraps and decided to get one when I was pregnant. Luckily my midwife told me that she had carried two of her children in a wrap like mine and that she could help me, and so I was sure I would master it. I also could borrow a babybjörn from a friend - just in case.

When my daughter was born I found that I understood the instructions that came with my wrap (it was a Hoppediz) so well that I didn't have any problems using it, although I now have to admit that I didn't manage to tie it tightly enough (my daughter seemed happy enough though). Comparing the babybjörn to the wrap I found the wrap much more comfortable, and having read that the babybjörn isn't ideal for baby's hips and spine I gave it back to my friend after a few weeks.
The wrap came in very useful because we had an appartment on the 3rd floor and had to carry the pram up all the way. How much easier was it just to carry my daughter and the shopping!

If I hadn't moved to England and if there weren't regular slingmeets in Cambridge I probably would have been quite happy with my wrap and with the Ergo baby carrier I had bought for later on. But going to the slingmeets triggered my addiction to babywearing. I discovered what other wonderful carriers there are: mei tais, ring slings, pouches, onbuhimos etc. etc.
I searched the internet and found instructions on making carriers, so to save money I made first a ring sling and then a mei tai.

And of course I continued wearing my daughter in the wrap and in the Ergo she had now grown into. It's just so much easier in many situations if you don't have a pushchair with you, especially in public transport or on the days the pavements are full with bins. Probably many people I met thought (and still think) of me as the strange German who would break her back carrying her baby all the time, but some people got interested and soon there were several other Ergo carriers to be seen.

When my son was born I decided not to get a double pushchair although my children are only 21 months apart. Instead I usually carried the baby and had the toddler in the buggy which worked well. I also tried using a buggy board, but my daughter wasn't happy with it and babywearing worked well (after all I had some practice) so it was no problem not having a double pushchair at all.

The U5's leader of a local children centre asked me regularly to demonstrate baby carriers to new parents and I started to organise part of the slingmeets, and also people started to refer to me as the 'sling lady'. So I decided to do this properly and invited babywearing teachers from the ClauWi babywearing school from Dresden, Germany to Cambridge. We had the basic course in July 2009 and hopefully there will be an advanced course in May 2010.

Having done the basic course I decided to work as a babywearing consultant to spread the love and knowledge of babywearing.


© Mirjam Brockmann 2009