The ideal way to carry your baby

Currently there are probably hundreds of different brands of different baby carriers and slings available. Some of them are very well known across the world, some of them are made at home bei "work at home mums" (WAHMs) in very limited numbers. Some of them can be easily sewn by yourself if you have a sewing machine and fancy a bit of sewing (it's not all that complicated really).

But how can you possibly know which of the slings available is a good sling - both for you and your baby? As often, there is no absolute answer to this question. Everyone has different needs, both parents and babies. Some babies don't like certain ways to be carried, and some parents find some slings much more comfortable than others. Some parents only need a carrier for short periods, but regularly, some want to carry their children for longer times. Some slings are easy to share with others, some aren't. Some are more suitable for parents with back problems than others, and and and...

So what should you do to find your ideal baby carrier?

  1. Check the internet (obviously you've started). There are only a few basic types of carriers which vary in details, but not in general construction. Take a look at my descriptions of carrier types and the comparison chart to get an overview. See my collection of links for further information.
  2. Read background information. Good baby carriers need to fulfil certain criteria in order to support your baby well and to be comfortable for you. Unfortunately there are many baby carriers easily available which aren't ideal for your baby. On this website you can read about baby's anatomy and about things which make a carrier a good carrier.
  3. See if there is a slingmeet near you. At a slingmeet you can meet other parents who are interested in babywearing and who often have collected quite an impressive stash of different slings and brands. You can talk to them and they'll let you try their carriers and explain how to use them.
  4. Go and see a babywearing consultant. We consultants have carried our own children and usually tried different slings. We have learned a lot of theory about baby's development and needs and are also trained to consider your needs. We have specialist knowledge, for example about how to carry premature babies or twins. You can find a list of babywearing consultants in the UK at


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